"AGORA" - workshop for art & communication first took part in 1974 on the "judenplatz" in the inner city of vienna, then at the "burggarten" and since 1988 here at the shore of the river danube.

Annualy during the summer various people from different parts of the world - especially from Austria's neighbouring countries - come here to take part in many cultural activities of this seminar. Thanks to good cooperation AGORA was held ten times in Budapest, the capital of Hungary and twice in Budweis in the Czech Republic.

It is our ambitious hope to achieve the same kind of understanding and cooperation to enable AGORA to take place in other countries as well.

AGORA is basicaly and predominantly a multicultural event which impliments art as a mean and a medium to achieve and develope understanding through communication and dialogue between people.

In a world, dominated by computer mechanisms and a society still largely influenced by nationalism to the extent of racism, AGORA has a major roll to play. It offers a common ground for all sorts of people to express themselves through their work, ideas, hopes, dreams and views. As such it acts as a podium for an open and frank exchange of experiences, different cultures and ways of life!

Austria has always been a multicultural country with a multicultural community! AGORA tries its best to live up to this ideal.

We welcome every and eachone - no matter from where - to come to Vienna, the capital from Austria, to share, live and experience this aim of ours!

We expect our participants to introduce their countries, its history, social, cultural and political background to us. We want them to actively reach out and learn the same from other members of the seminar.

Only this way can we achieve international understanding! Come to AGORA and participate in building a new world, based on friendship, tolerance and understanding! - a world free of walls and barriers!

you find us right here informations about participation