bernd kastl - sculpture clay and wood

bernd spichtig - fighting with the stone

bert spichtig - the kiss - a sculpture in sandstone

bert spichtig - the kiss - unfinished sculpture in sandstone

bruno stuhlpfarrer - wood sculpture

bruno stuhlpfarrer - working in wood

cultural cooperation with youths from memmingen in germany - textile art

dieter herfert s trio

four sculptors talking

gerhard brandstoetter - cutting himself out

herbert ringelmayer - working in sandstone

mariya dimitrova dryanovska from bulgaria - in front of her composition about the haas house

michael pleidl from bratislava - painting

michael susana - working in stone

mosaique turtle

painting with acryl

peter sulo and samuel bencik from bratislava - flying gracies

rays of sun - light spreads on trees and sculptures

shahin from iran - shaping sandstone

shahin from iran - torso

the agora and the river - seen from the bridge

thierry gumrieren - in front of the easel